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3 Magic Wands For More Creative, Happier & Empowered Children

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This FREE ON DEMAND TRAINING WILL Empower & Enhance Your Life and Your CHILDREN'S!

These 3 Magic Wands have been time-tested over a thousand years to set them up for life!

And you will receive simple, easy practices to:
     * Make empowered choices..
     * Navigate daily life challenges. 
     * Instantly reduce stress.


Sacred Parent, Magical Child Introduction

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Even experienced Conscious Parents will find this Welcome Module to the Course of Practical Benefit.  A Course where just one sentence or concept could provide the missing ingredient to your Sacred Parenting recipe that seems so delicious you might not even know it could be improved with just a dash of what you’ll discover here.
And if you’re contemplating bringing a Magical Child into your Life, this 13-Module Course will prepare you in ways you'll only find here for that Sacred Responsibility.
This Sacred and Magical Pilgrimage into Parenting and Family Life OPENS and TRIGGERS PERSPECTIVES on LIFE you cannot imagine—just like I never imagined my daughter would teach me more about life than I ever taught her.
You will also acquire or fine tune the tools you already have to successfully navigate daily life as individuals and a family.
You will emerge from the cocoon of Sacred Parent, Magical Child, able to:
  • Live and interact from a place of peace and calmness, joy and bliss.
  • Approach life rationally with focus, understanding and unconditional love.
  • Observe, control and resolve triggered angers or frustrations so they don’t harm you or your loved ones—physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.
  • Be REAL with each other, not living behind masks of fear and routine.
  • Feel your DEEP SOUL CONNECTION with one another.
  • Live in life's DIVINE FLOW just like the tides, planets and rivers.
  • Understand that your child’s learning only occurs in a field of Love and Wisdom at the time each flower (or developmental stage of growth) is ready to bloom.


Guided Meditations For Health, Harmony & Happiness!

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These Guided Meditations For Health, Happiness & Harmony are Dynamic and Life Transforming 



Each Guided Meditation is 29 minutes in length and can be practiced sitting or laying down.

They are a wonderful prelude to deep meditation or sleep.
Chrysalis Transformation—is a guided imagery meditation where you enter a cocoon of peace, release all physical and mental tension, and emerge as a beautiful, free, totally transformed being.
Nei Gung—A dynamic, ancient Japanese meditation brought back into modern times by Master Justin Stone—originator of T’ai Chi Chih.
When I first learned the Nei Gung meditation, I practiced it before going to sleep at night. Immediately, I started falling asleep faster and deeper than ever before.

One night, after six months of doing this, I committed to repeating the Nei Gung phrases until I had some sort of dynamic experience—even if it meant doing them all night long. 

After about 30 minutes, every cell of my body lit up like a glowing SUN. Every pore of my being was ALIVE and SPARKLING! My senses heightened. I could hear conversations and noises going on in distant parts of the house behind walls and closed doors, as well as outside. I was beyond ecstasy! 
After that experience, culminating six months of steady practice, I have only used this meditation when I feel super stuck and need a breakthrough—and I get that breakthrough!


A FREE Introduction To "The Magical Miracle Of You!"--A Self Empowerment Program For Children & Families

    This Incomparable & Priceless Family Program is Designed to Unlock the Unique, Gifts, Talents and Treasures Inherent Within Your Children In Each and Every Moment of Their Lives, As They:
    •  Play Sports 
    • Daydream About Their Future 
    • Study Music, Art, or For School 
    • Interact With Family, Friends, and Teachers 
    • Learn From A Mistake or Taking On A New Challenge
    • Have to Determine When a Situation Feels Off or Threatening 
    • Draw an Expressive Painting or Executing a New Dance Routine 
    • Stand Strong & True to Themselves When Facing Peer Pressures 
    The Simple, Yet Profound Methods, Your Family Will Acquire and Use for LIFE in This 9 Lesson Adventure to Chip Away The Old Marble Hiding the Wonders of YOU are Endorsed by the World's Leading Child and Human Development Experts and Advocates.

    This Unique Combination Of . . .
    • Fun, Educational Games & Activities, 
    • Inspirational Fairy Tales Of The Heart,
    • Life-Enhancing Miracle Music, 
    • Playful Power Animal Frolics Yoga, Qigong & T'ai Chi Videos, 
    • Recorded Guided Visualizations & Exercises
    . . . Provides Many Life Long Tangible and Intangible Benefits to Your Children and Family!
    “Every child is born a genius.”
    Buckminster Fuller
    “The Magical Miracle of You” Shows Your Children and You How to . . . 
    • Love, 
    • Communicate, 
    • Respect One Another, 
    • Have Fun,
    • Conquer Life's Daily Challenges,
    • Be Still and Listen to Your Own Inner Guidance, 
    . . . So You Will ALWAYS BE in the Perfect Place, At the Perfect Time, Making the Perfect Decision.
    “The Magical Miracle Of You” Benefits Children of All Ages–From 0 to 100!

    TRUE Scaler Wave Activation Empowerments

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    INCLUDES: Two True Scaler Wave Activation Videos, A Chakra Activation Video, Inner Tree Of Life Activation Video, True Scaler Wave Audio Version and related PDF.

    While timeless in its relevance, this blessed Scaler Wave Activation Sequence is particularly relevant, perhaps even life-saving, in light of current world events.

    This incredibly powerful guided visualization/meditation sequence will ALSO help you achieve your full potential. 
    • Physically
    • Mentally
    • Emotionally
    • Spiritually
    It cannot be otherwise.

    It actively engages and empowers your will power and mind to access and use Scaler Wave Energies sourced directly from God to disintegrate, burn up, dissolve and transform all dark energies, regardless of source. 

    Energies that are not of God’s Pure Love, Light and Consciousness. 

    Energies that are tangible, no matter their size, and subtle energies that are invisible, even to the most powerful microscope or measurement device. 

    Natural biological energies, as well as energies synthetically made by beings who do not have humanity’s best interests at heart.

    Initially, you will achieve the greatest results by practicing the Full Scaler Wave Activation Sequence.  Thereafter, using the Scaler Wave Solo Activation daily is highly recommended.  

    Once learned, all segments take very little time and can be weaved within other practices you already enjoy.

    These ACTIVATIONS contain the Blessings and Grace of many Sacred and Divine Lineages of Masters and Ascended Beings that I AM empowered and blessed to activate within you!

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    A NEW YOU Free Guided Meditation

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    A NEW YOU! A Guided Visualization Filled With Blessings, Blessings, Blessings APPLICABLE ANY TIME where, in 20 minutes, you'll clear out obstacles, known and unknown, keeping you from achieving your full potential in all areas of life and instill energies that will assist you along the way. LET'S GO!

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    Freebies For Children Section

    Fairy Tale Of The Heart

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    AGES 0 - 100.

    This humorous and powerfully poetic Tale uses a "donut hole" to explore the wonders of our Soul, the visible parts of us versus the invisible ones. 

    It’s short but, oh so sweet! 

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    Bee Bee Jubilee 3 Verse Sample

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    Creating your own busy, buzzy bee voices or singing and dancing to the bouncy, inspiring melody of “The Bee Bee Jubilee!” WILL leave you and your children Bee-lissfully abuzz with jubilant admiration for our Productive and Selfless Little Pals . . . The Bee-utiful Bees!

    One of many Bee Bee Jubilee Song Tracks included in The Ballad Of The Bees Audio Book.

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    Freebies For The Whole Family Section

    Creating A Smiling Body Guided Visualization

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    Creating A Smiling Body Is A Magical & Miraculous Guided Visualization That Helps Bring Joy & Happiness Into Every Moment Of Life! 

    It's One Of The Many Magical Exercises Included In The Magical Miracle Of You Self Empowerment Course!

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    Luohan Patting Method

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    For Health, Vitality & Daily Inspiration.

    There's more than one reason I've done this daily for over 30 years!

    INCLUDES "Flap, Clap & Slap Your Way To Healthy Vibrancy & Ecstasy"  PLUS Two Practice Versions:
    • Original Long Form which I suggest practicing daily for 2-4 weeks in order to experience the full essence of this amazing practice before moving to the Short From.
    • Short Form.  I created this version because I LOVE THIS PRACTICE and the Long Form isn't practical on a daily basis FOR ME as I do other Yoga and Qigong too!

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    Mastery, Magic & Miracles!

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    Welcome to “Mastery, Magic & Miracles” (THE FIRST IN A SERIES OF TRAININGS, ALL LINKED BELOW), where you and I are going to combine our Aloha Powers to transform ourselves, Mother Earth and all of creation.

    Get ready to gift yourself  and your family (including any young children) some quick, simple, playful practices to activate your inner powers THAT WILL enhance YOUR LIVES in unimaginable ways while simultaneously creating the world you want to see and live in.
    Where you and I are going to engage and further enhance our Mastery, stir up some Magic Potions and create Miracles for ourselves and all life. 
    Coming together in a unified field of Aloha Love amplifies, magnifies and glorifies our infinite, even playful, unimaginable powers.  We have the Aloha power to shift consciousness . . . shift humanity’s overall life experience.


    Vietnamese Longevity Stick, Vitality Exercises & Martial Art Sequence

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    The Vietnamese Longevity Stick Vitality Exercises Twist and Stretch Your Body in Ways NO OTHER EXERCISE this simple and easy-to-learn, easy-to-practice does. Plus IT'S FUN . . . It's been part of my daily practice for nearly 3 decades. This course includes: 1. Vietnamese Longevity Stick Exercise 2. Vietnamese Longevity Vitality Exercises 3. Vietnamese Longevity Stick Martial Art Sequence

    T'ai Chi Chair--Seated Movement, Breathing & Toning Qigong Forms

    • Course

    Six Seated Qigong Forms For Anyone, Any Age, Who may have difficulty standing in order to reap the unfathomable physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of practicing QIGONG! Includes: 1. Warm Up Exercises 2. Stretching & Breathing 3. Kundalini Yoga Breathing 4. Breathing With Movements 5. Toning 6. T'ai Chi Chih Style Seated

    Qigong Sets For Health & Vitality: Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual

    • Course

    FOUR Powerful and Easy-To-Learn Qigong Practices: 1. 18-Form Qigong 2. Master Yan's Daily Set 3. Massages & Joint Flexibility 4. T'ai Chi--Enhanced Chih Style

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